Tips Flying with a Baby or Toddler

Travelling with a baby or a toddler can be a challenge. You will wonder whether the child will cause problems for other travelers and whether other travelers will hate you for that. Also, do not forget to bring your phone, it may help when you are bored. you may play real money slots on a mobile casino, who knows you may win real money or even get casino bonuses. Here are some tips that will help with that. 

Book a Direct Flight

Try to keep the number of flights that you board at a minimum. Too many landing planes is not good as it puts pressure on your baby’s ears causing the baby to scream. If you spend less time on the flight, there will be less mid-air tantrums.  If you do decide to book connecting flights, make sure there is time in between the flights so that you will have some time to get to the other flight on time. If you leave at least three hour, you will not have to run around the airport with a baby and all the language that comes with travelling with a baby.

Visit Restroom Before Board Your Flight

Make sure that your baby’s diaper is dry by visiting the airport restroom before your flight. You may want to double up the baby’s diaper to avoid leaks. This also applies if you are travelling with a toddler, you will want to make sure the child has a potty break before they get on the plane. If the child visits the restroom before boarding the plane, this will mean less work for you.

Taking Advantage of Pre-boarding

You may think skipping pre-boarding is a good idea in order for you to spend less time on the plane but that is not a good idea. This is because you need all the time that you can get in order to get situated on board. If you take advantage of pre-boarding, you will be able to settle with your baby or toddler before the flight.

Buy a Separate Seat for Your Toddler or Baby

booking a separate seat for your child is safer for your child. Flying with your child on your lap is often free but getting a seat for your child will ensure that you get more room to relax. In case of an unexpected turbulence, your hands will not be able to hold your child in a way that they are safe.  If you think buying an extra seat for your child may limit your traveling capacity, then you need to find ways to save. You may look at different options because air travel tickets can be expensive. The best way to save is to search for different flights and compare, you might find one that is cheaper and the one that fits your budget. That way your pocket will not be strained and your child will be safe too.

Gate check Baby Items

Most airlines allow parents to gate check baby gear such as strollers and car seats among other things at no extra charge. All you have to do is ask for gate check tags from the attendant and attach one tag to each item before depositing it at the bottom of the jetway. you can relax and play AusCAsinosOnline Online Casino Australia games on your way and you will not need to worry about changing flights or losing baby items.