Traveling With Kids: Good and Bad Ages to Fly

Travelling with your kids can be a challenging task. Mothers often wonder if they will be able to cope  with a toddler while travelling. There is no way you can tell what your toddler will behave like when you travel. N9ew mothers often have challenges when it comes to toddlers because each day is a day of learning new things because children change their routine almost every day when they are younger.

Here is some advice i-0f you are planning to travel with your child.

0-3 months: 

At this stage if travelling is not necessary, do not travel, especially if you are a first time parent.

Habitually, babies cry or fuss frequently for long periods of time. They also sleep at the strangest times. This can be hard on everyone aboard a long flight, especially you .  you may also be recovering

infants may be vulnerable to all sorts of rudimentary germs that thrive in crowded places. You may find yourself on a trip with a sick newborn, which is not good. 

3-9 months:

This is a good age to fly. However, if you are  just figuring out how to be parents, this may be your biggest challenge at this stage. I9f you are just figuring out how to be a parent, the babies will be easy but you will not know it because you are still figuring it out. Your baby will still be nursing or taking bottles regularly at this time.  you can feed the baby on takeoff and landing.

9-12 months:

This is when your child starts to crawl, things may be  a bit more challenging at this stage.  If your child is active, he or she may want to fidget out of your arms and crawl in the aisles. You should buy a set for him or her before travelling. The seat -0will help when they want to sleep or take a nap.

12-18 months:

This is when your child starts walking. At this stage, children are so much active. It i[s di-fficult for one year olds to listen to instructions. At this stage discipline is not an option. You may Distract, and if required, bribe. You can walk the aisles with your toddler. Also, go in the galley when you can, and bring a variety of snacks, books, and toys so you can distract them. 

18-24 months:

At this stage, there are still challenges as they are now fully mobile but not yet rational toddlers. At this stage some discipline will do because they are starting to learn things.  You may have some success. You can also use an iPad or DVD to entertain your toddler. You ca-n do this in short intervals.  It is easier with girls than boys at this stage. This is because girls tend to develop verbal skills a few months earlier than boys. 

2-3 years:

This is the best age to travel with your child. At this age you can now rely on some technology to keep them occupied.